About Us

Let me introduce myself...

Who are we? well, lets starts with what we are... we are a company that aims to serve you superb products at a superb price, we use concentrates sourced from all over the world dependant on what is needed for the Profile which ensures there is no complacency when creating a specific profile, each and every Product gets created with accuracy in mind to ensure it hits that nostalgic nerve giving the user a more satisfying end product and better value for money.

Who am I? well, If you're familiar with the DIY mixing scene then you'll also be familiar with me, publicly known as "Nevans", I have hundreds of public recipes which are received well by the DIY mixing community, with a wealth of food knowledge I've been able to produce pretty much anything by combining several flavour concentrates together.

 What's the plan? the plan has ALWAYS been to become self-sustainable, it's never been about getting rich or making a ruck of money, to become self-sustainable and to be able to supply a greater population with my creations is the end game.

Thank you for the support